Locked Keys in Car?

We are all human begins!  Don’t feel to bad you locked your keys inside your car

If you are reading this website, you have likely locked yourself out of your car. Don’t worry this happens all the time and there are several things we can do to make things easy on our selves.

Locked Keys In Car: What To Do

In addition to being very stressful, locking your keys in your car can very quickly derail your plans and put a damper in a great day. By following the steps below, you can quickly get back in your car and back to your life.

Locked keys in car

Step 1: Try all of your doors

The first thing you should do is try all of the car doors both on the driver and passenger side and in the front and back of the car. If you are lucky, not every door will be locked and you can quickly resume your day.

Step 2: Try the trunk

Similar to the first step, many cars and SUVs have trunks, back hatches, or back windows that operate and lock separately from the vehicle doors. Even if the car doors are all locked the trunk or back window/hatch may still be unlocked providing a way back into the car. In case you don’t need a new car key only, here you can get a car key copy.

Step 3: Call OnStar

If your car is equipped with OnStar (mostly GM vehicles, however, other cars can have the system installed aftermarket), there is a feature that allows the owner of the car to call the OnStar service and have the car remotely unlocked.

Step 4: Try a coat hanger (or other tool)

There are several tools that can be used to unlock an accidentally locked car door. The most common of these tools is a wire clothes hanger which has been untwisted, straightened, and curved at the end. To open a locked car using a clothes hanger or other tool, first, insert the tool into the car window where the rubber molding meets the glass. Next, slide the tool down the length of the car door until you reach the door lock. Finally, hook the door lock and pull. Alternatively, the tool may also be used to press the electronic unlock button on most modern cars.

Step 5: Call a friend/family

If you have a spare copy of the key, either call the person with the spare copy to come to where you are and open a car door or call a friend or family member to take you to where you keep your spare key.

Step 6: Call a professional

When all else fails, call a professional. Who you call can vary depending upon your situation. Typically, you would call these professionals in the following order, AAA, Local Tow Company, Local Lock Smith, Car key Locksmiths and Emergency Service/Police. Note, however, if there is a small child locked in the car immediately call the police. An officer will arrive immediately to assist you.

However, the quality and price of locksmiths can vary greatly, here for instance you can read about the varying windshield replacement costs . It is important verify that the locksmith is reputable and will not overcharge you prior to arranging service. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an excellent resource for identifying companies with proven track records. When calling a local locksmith, make sure to ask for a quote prior to arranging the service call. Also, ask if there are any additional fees beyond the work estimate. Expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $150 for the service depending upon factors such as, distance the locksmith has to travel, the day service is requested, and the time of day the service is requested.